First post… take two

My first post, I warn you, this will not be very exciting. I find myself sitting here not quite being able to come to grips with the fact that I make my living off the Internet and yet this is my very first blog. I have a myriad of good excuses for not getting this started: I’ve been really busy, work’s been taking up a lot of time, the sun was in my eye, it’s been to cold, hot, dry, wet…. I could go on and on.

I’ll spend a bit of time figuring this out and then get into it some more. I’ve had this urge to write lately, but I realized the reason I never started is due to a little thing known as NADD I just couldn’t get myself to commit to writting something that would take… well… commitment of any kind. Then while visiting a friends blog, it stuck me. Put up a blog, you only have to write a paragraph at a time and you can can contain the post to whatever is running through your head at the time. So here I am.

I caught myself thinking back to a word I used once, I was very proud of myself for using it only to have my buble burst when I was told it wasn’t a real word! I should note that English is my forth language, which is a source of endless fun for my friends. The word, as indicated by my blog is “Confusement”. It even sounds like a real word: “much to his confusement, the code he wrote did not work as expected”. As a non-English speaking individual that makes perfect sense to me.


One Response to First post… take two

  1. Matt says:

    Wow, haha. Me and my friend were talking and she used the word “confusement”. It DOES sound like a real word so I googled it to be sure.

    Found this blog.


    It SHOULD be a word.

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