Symantec usability

I got an email today from Symantec. It thanks me for automatically renewing my subscription to their service and informed me that they have successfully charged my card. I know my memery is shot, but I honestly don’t remember signing up for this “feature”. Oh well, I figured, I’ll just cancel my subscription and ask for a refund. This is where the fun begins…

Nowhere on the confirmation email they sent me are there any instructions on how to do this. Further more, there are no instructions on how to contact them either. Plan B then. I log into my account with them and am surprised to discover that nowhere on there can I find instructions on how to contact them either. I did finally find the option to opt out of the automatic renewal though. At least that’s some progress.

 I then went on to their site and followed the much convoluted path to emailing their support department. After filling out the pretty looking form I hit the submit button. I get up from my booth at William’s Coffee Pub and go and get another coffee feeling rather good about myself. I come back a few minutes later only to be greeted by the same form and a progress bar on my browser… so I wait… and wait… and finally I get the “confirmation page”. At the top of the page it says: “Error:104:connector_error response from RightNow” I don’t even know what “RightNow” stands for, no doubt some smart ass marketing guy/girls idea. In the middle of the page I get this “user friendly” message: ” Incident will not create in Right Now”. I know English is my forth language, but this doesn’t seem grammatically correct to me. There are no other buttons or instructions on the page.

So… the adventure continues. I’ll post back when I finally get a resolution.

That’s my bitch session for now.


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