Convenient, or is it?

This stupid thought has been bugging me for a while. How do convenience stores stay in business??? I know of several of these stores that are located within a drunken stumble from a 24 hr pharmacy or grocery store. These so called convenience stores open at 8am and close at 11pm, how exactly are they convenient? More importantly, why would I buy 3 day old bread from them when I can get the fresh kind next door at 3am… sometimes you just have to have some bread.

I think they might be members of some kind of secret convenient store cult or organization. Maybe a front for the mob or better yet the CIA?

Someone, please solve this mistery for me…


One Response to Convenient, or is it?

  1. alejandram1738 says:

    ha ha ha … conveniently inconvenient huh ?? I couldnt even begin to explain this…

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