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Well, it’s been a while since I wrote anything on here, my friend gave me a month before she thought I’d give up on my blog… only took me a week. With that said, I guess it’s time for an update.

I quite my job last week. A nice and comfy “Associate Director” position is what I had. I am now moving to what can be considered a “Start-Up” company. I’m the only employee and am in charge of everything that is technology related as well as some sales responsabilities. My new boss is a great lady, she’s a “big ideas” kind of person, which means she a little disorganized and there are always 20 things going on at the same time. I’m hoping my experience in the corporate world will help me manage that properly. The technology aspect is really cool though. We get to use cutting edge stuff and hopefully build her solution using the proper architecture patterns to allow for future growth and flexability. That’s always a bit of a hard sell as we’ll need to invest extra time up front, but I’m sure the payoff will be great.

I actually get a percentage of top line sales with this venture, so I’m really pumped about getting things going.

I’ve been reading up a lot with regards to architecture and .Net in general, this is the kind of stuff that I get up in the mornings for. I can’t wait till my last 3 weeks are up at MCAP so that I can jump into this full time.

 I’ll keep you posted…


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