The gym

So there I am, working out looking like I’m lifting a thousand pounds, it’s only 12.5 Lb! I look around, no one seems to care. I guess they all started there at some point.

My trainer has been kicking my ass and so far it’s been working. I have to make it to gym again tonight or I’m afraid I’ll pay for it the next time he sees me.

I stepped on the scale today and it read 158.5 Lb that way below the 185 Lb that I was at 8 months ago. I’m pretty happy with it, my stomach is flatter 🙂 there’s still some flab there, but I’m starting to see things get tighter and more defined. I’m hoping to be ready for the beach by June (I’m going to Orlando, FL).

Whatever happens, I’ll publish before and after pictures on June 2nd, those that know me will understand what that date means. I’m hoping that further motivation to keep this routine going.


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