This poem touched me, no reason, it just did. So I thought I’d share it with my friends.

I Wish I Was A Clover
© By Amanda L. Sheppard

I wish I was a clover,
sprouting from the ground,
with a field of others like me,
growing all around.

Amongst eternal spaces,
of every shade of green,
I’d like all the others,
nothing different to be seen.

Just three little petals,
sprouting from a stem.
I’d be one of many,
but I’d be one of them.

But what if something happened?
And I wasn’t exactly right.
What if when I grew my petals,
another came in sight?

One little petal,
could turn them all away.
Because of a difference,
away from me they’d stray.

It wouldn’t matter,
if within me was the deepest pot of gold.
Once a closed mind is set,
the truth becomes too bold.

Yet what if someone looking,
spotted me on sight,
and saw that something different,
might be something right?

What if what he saw,
looking down on me,
was something quite amazing,
something few could see?

Could it be that maybe,
deep within us all,
lies an extra petal,
even if it’s small?

Can’t we all be special,
amazing and unique?
Can’t we all be loved,
by the love of which we seek?

Even the poor clover,
with its dismal extra leaf,
can look past all the sorrow,
and focus on relief.

I sit hear while reflecting,
of how hard life can be.
Thinking of my clover,
and the pain of which it will see.

I still wish I was that clover though,
sprouting from the ground.
But only one as different,
as the lucky may have found.


One Response to touched

  1. alejandram1738 says:

    awww.. this gave me goosebumps… very nice… i liked this a lot … thanks for sharing.

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