I attribute this to being a direct cause of EFL (English as a Fourth Language), with me at any rate. I went to chapters today for lunch, grabbed a latté and sat down to read my MensHealth magazine. After reading a couple of article and checking this month’s Belly-Off club showcase I decided to just skim through the rest, as I only had a few minutes left before having to head back to the office. I noticed a very odd habit that I have, when I skim through books or magazines, I tend to do it from the back to the front! I have no idea why I do that, maybe it’s the fact that when I started reading it was in Hebrew and they read and write from right to left and so their books, obviously, would be read from right to left. Or maybe it’s the Harry theory (from the movie When Harry Met Sally), he always read the first page and last page of every book, so that if he died before finishing the book at least he felt like he knew how it ended.

Regardless, it’s an odd quirk of mine. I have plenty of other, but this is the one I thought of today.


One Response to Backwards

  1. Alejandra says:

    interesting…i’ve seen people read like that

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