Royal Botanical Gardens

Visited the RBG today with one of my good friends. I have discovered 3 things.

1. Flowers are more beautiful then I originally thought.

2. I love photography

3. Spending the majority of the day looking at flowers and having a really great time doing it; means I’m getting old.

Here are some of the pictures I took, I hope you enjoy them.



2 Responses to Royal Botanical Gardens

  1. nesser says:

    you’re not getting old. just means you are now moving from straight computer geek status to computer geek-semi-nature geek status.
    you won’t acheive full nature geek status until you can tell us what the plants are, preferred climate/origin and how they spread their seeds…without looking at guides.

  2. confusement says:

    The fact that I suffer from nerd attention deficit dissorder, means I will never retain that much information about all that stuff 🙂

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