Goal reached

Steped on the scale this morning and I weighed in at 149.5 Lb! I feel great! About a year and a half ago, I realized that I needed to lose some weight, the revelation was not a pleasent one, I wasn’t too overweight, I came it at about 185 Lb, but I realized that my size 34″ pants were quite tight so I was faced with having to buy larger clothes. The distinct moment at which I knew I had to get off my ass and doing something, came when I looked down and couldn’t see the good stuff on account of my beer belley 🙂 So, I decided to do something.

I changed my diet to a healthy one and started exercising (it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been to the gym now, but I’m going back today). I eat 6 times a day now, smaller meals consisting of lots of fruits (should still be eating more veggies), lean protein, like chicken and fish, and oatmeal for breakfast.

Now, with an average loss of 2 Lb a month for 18 months or so, I’m down 35 Lb and I feel like a million bucks.

Now to put on some more muscle…


2 Responses to Goal reached

  1. Brian says:

    Congrads! It’s refreshing to hear about somebody succeeding in their weight loss efforts! 🙂 I’d be happy to be at the weight you started at… I guess I should cut back on the beer.

  2. confusement says:

    Thanks. I haven’t really given up beer either 🙂 that’s one of my last vices. Don’t try to make big changes all at once, just take small steps and keep with it, as each one of the small steps becomes habit you can try and add another one. I’ve tried in the past to turn a new page and do it all at once and it was quite a shock to my system.

    Stick with it, I know you’ll make it. Good luck!!!

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