What if the USA became xenophobic?

I was discussing this with a friend of mine (I can’t actually remember who it was). The US spends an enormous amount of money of national defence and foreign military involvement. The kind of money, that us mere civilians can’t really contemplate, I think even Bill Gates would have a tough time wrapping his head around that figure. From what I’ve read, it seems like the US spends about $500 billion USD per year, I might be wrong about this number, feel free to correct me.

So… What would happen if the US, all of a sudden decided to bring all of it’s troupes home? Not just from Iraq, but dismantle it’s bases in Germany, Japan, and everywhere else. What if they took half the money spent on the military and diverted it into improving the US? Get the solders to work on fixing all of the things the people of the US thing is wrong with the county. Improve infrastructure, re-build schools, enhance their education system.

I know, as a solder, it’s not very glamorous work putting down your weapon and picking up a hammer. But if they did this for 10 years… I think they WOULD be the greatest nation in the world.

But, hey, that’s just a random thought from a Canadian…


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