“Highway to Hell”

I usually have the radio on when I’m poking around on the great Interweb, mostly because I like to have some background noise. A couple of minutes ago the AC/DC song “Highway to Hell” came on and I had a flashback of my youth. Some of you may think it would involve a fast car, maybe even a convertible, going fast and living recklessly. Close… My friend and I were driving his mom’s 1980 Volvo sedan, we had a flat tire and being the “men” that we were, couldn’t figure out how to change the tire. Being young and stupid, we decided to drive the car back home on a flat tire. Home was about 30 Km away. The scene I just flashed back to was him and I driving in his mom’s Volvo with a shredded tire, blaring AC/DC so that we wouldn’t hear the rim grinding into the pavement 🙂

Rock on!


One Response to “Highway to Hell”

  1. Oscarandre says:

    I saw ACDC live once; it was my first concert and they were the backup group for two other acts that have long since disappeared. This was back in the Bon Scott days and they had released only two singles.

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