Startup Weekend – DC

Since I’m on the waiting list for Toronto, I went ahead and signed up for the Startup Weekend in DC. It’s really not that far and I’ve been meaning to go to DC for a while now to visit. Seems like the perfect opportunity. A few things come to mind:

I’ll need a place to sleep. Or will I? I wonder if there’ll  be much sleep to be had at this event. I will at the very least need a place to shower 🙂

I’ll keep posting updates on this event as well…


4 Responses to Startup Weekend – DC

  1. Will says:

    Thanks for signing up for the DC Startup Weekend, it is going to be a blast! Even though you are on the waitlist, most likely everyone will be able to participate. As for a place to sleep, pack a sleeping back and you will do fine ;-). Showers, now that is a different story….

    BTW, where are you located and what is the name of your start up?


  2. confusement says:

    Hi Will,

    According to the site, I’m in for DC. I have a sleeping bag, so I guess I’m good 🙂

    The name of the start up is We are currently working on the 2.0 version, should be in beta by end of Oct. I’m from Waterloo, Ontario.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone in DC.


  3. Jesse Thomas says:

    my boy from new zealand has been using

  4. confusement says:


    Thanks, I’ll give that a shot 🙂

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