The Market

I hadn’t been to the Farmer’s Market locally in several months. We went this Sat. where I picked up real chicken breasts, very nice berries, and tomatoes that smell and taste like tomatoes, as well as some other things. I will have to start going to the market more often. Some of the things that I love about the market;

  • If you’re there early (no later then 8:30am) it’s not crowded and you can wonder and explore all of the yummy things the market has to offer
  • The smells. Fresh baked bread on this end, smoked meat here, Summer Sausage there.
  • Apple Fritters (totally forgot to buy one on Sat).
  • Fresh cinnamon buns!
  • The smell of fruits and vegitables, they actually smell and taste fresh, something that gets lost at the supermarket.
  • People watching (didn’t do it this time, but I love to buy an apple fritter and a coffee and just sit outside and watch the people walking by)

The down side of the market is that you tend so spend more money. You pay at every vendor and don’t notice how much you spend till you get home. But it’s well worth it 🙂


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