StartupWeekend Voting

I caught this post on the Birmingham Startup blog. Nice to see that Startup Weekend is taking off and gaining momentum. Congratulations go out to Andrew Hyde and all the members of past Startup Weekends that made this possible. I wish you all the best.

I too am a little disappointed that Toronto didn’t make it on the list. I mean… I know there was some friction, but lessons were learned and I thought we all moved on. I, for one, would really love to see Toronto (and maybe Waterloo for that matter) on the list (I’ll email Andrew tonight about that). I mean, now that Andrew has managed to set the tone for what Startup Weekend (his version of the weekend) is all about, there really won’t be any misunderstandings. Those that like his approach and rules, I’m sure, would love to be give an opportunity to have Toronto (or Waterloo) host an event under the Startup Weekend name. Those that don’t… well… I guess they/we can run our own under a different name 🙂

So… since this is about the community, lets get those cities on the list. What say you?


Just got an email back from Andrew and looks like not only will Waterloo and Toronto make it to the list, but so will some other Canadian cities. All of a sudden, I’m really pumped again. Time to have some good fun and build some apps. Roll up your sleeves boys and girls, cause here we go…


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