My Social Cluster

I’ve spent a good 2 hours today trying to catch up on my RSS feeds, for a very brief moment, my reader was at zero new posts 🙂 A certain genre of article has been catching my attention lately and making me think of my own situation. The topic at hand is one’s social graph. I hate that term, for me it’s more of a social Cluster (since often times, it feels like a cluster bomb went off and all my social data is scattered throughout).

I’m going to join the ranks of people that are asking and hoping for a better way to aggregate all this data. I would like to have a client that gives me only the updates I want to see from all of my networks. And a central web app that allows me to organize all of that information in a way that makes sense to ME.

Yes, there are plenty of those apps popping up all over the place, but they’re all lacking something. What is that something you might ask? Well, if I knew that, I’d probably write the app myself. Picture the following:

I would like to go to one place and get all of my updates. Find out what my friends are up to, if there’s anything going on in the community, read the latest news that I care about and catch up on my RSS feeds. While doing all of that, I’d like to be able to update my status on all the social networks that I subscribe to. On top of it all, I like to blog, but I often find that to write the kind of articles that I want to write ends up being tedious. Not because writing is hard, but because a lot of the ideas I get are a result of having read anywhere between 3 and 10 different blog posts and making odd connections in my head. I’d love it if this aggregation application of mine would allow me to “drag and drop” the articles that I find interesting at the time I read them into some sort of bin. I can use them later to compose my article and reference them properly.

I guess I’m just going on here without being too coherent. I’ll attempt more pointed posts later. Now I’m off to get my daughter from Gymnastics


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