Going green – my footprint

I’ve calculated my footprint using two calculators. This one from climatecrisis.net and this one from bp.com. I scored 16.75 tons on the first and 16.00 on the second… pretty crappy seeing that the national average is 11 tones.

I’m going to use the lower number as my guide, easier to divide by two 🙂

So… my target Carbon Footprint for this time next year is: 8 tons


2 Responses to Going green – my footprint

  1. bad berto says:

    I get around 6 tonnes, but I think that is largely because I can’t give very accurate values for electricity/heating costs, as I live in an apartment. On the plus side, I’ve yet to actually turn on the heat in this apartment.

    Oh, and WTF to BP for their carbon footprint calculator. Third largest oil company in the world asking me to calculate my carbon footprint? That’s cynical.

  2. could be BP’s attempt to look like they care, but I’m with you on that one, rather cynical.

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