If you have a kid with an ex, the day will come when wires get crossed and communications get missed. Although it’s easy to get one’s feathers all ruffled, as long as everything works out… let it go and laugh about it, because odds are that in hindsight, it’s actually funny.

Today, Kate’s mom left the country on a one week vacation. I knew she would be leaving sometime between today and two days from now, but never got the final confirmation of the dates… To my surprise… today was the day. Thank God for Facebook, saw a wall post she left on a friend’s wall and that’s how I figured out she had left. Now, she might very well have sent me an email with the details, but it just so happens that my mail server went down a few days ago and took quite a few emails with it… timing has never been good to me 🙂

A bit of running around after work and it all got sorted out. No harm, now foul.


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