Where to start

Ever been away from your blog for so long that you’re not even sure where to pick it all up again? That’s where I find myself today. In all honesty, that’s where I’ve been for the past few weeks, I haven’t written about the things and the reasons why I started this blog in so long that the thought of writing has been… well… overwhelming. Do I talk about my new job? About how well Kate is doing and how proud I am of her? Or maybe of what it’s been like to be back on the dating scene?

It used to be that no one followed my blog and so it didn’t really matter what I wrote, or what tone I took, but that has changed. This blog is not popular by any stretch of the imagination, but my friends, and perhaps my co-workers do follow it from time to time. So it has become a rather censored version of what I would have otherwise written. I have absolutly nothing bad to say about anyone, but… sometimes even writing the simple stuff while knowing that it’s being read by those that I know seems odd.

Maybe this blog is destined to stay all Vanilla.


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