Food for thought…

June 27, 2007

I find myself doing a lot more reading these days. I’ve been reading anything that catches my attention, sometimes it’s about technology, sometimes current affairs, or love, or, or, or… At any rate, I came across this post while just surfing through random WordPress blogs and found it to be quite an interesting view on things.


The divorce shower

June 21, 2007

A young couple decides to get married, everyone is happy and excited to begin this new jurney, to stop being two completely independant souls and begin to function as a family unit. Friends and family rejoice and the Bridal Shower gets planned. Now, I can see the reasoning behind having a bridal shower, it’s a way for friends and family to help the young couple get a good start for their life together.

I got to thinking about that and I think we’re having the shower at the wrong time in this couples life. What we need are Divorce Showers! I mean, when you get together, you’re not really missing anything, don’t get me wrong there are plenty of luxuries that would make both of your lives imesurably better. Think of how much better eveyone’s life would be if we ALL had a juice make, a waffle maker, a new set of dish towels with pretty pink flowers on them that will only match the decore in your grandmother’s kitchen. Those are life enhancing items people. But you didn’t have them before, so you’re probably not missing them.

A few years go by and about 50% of those couples start the process of getting divorced. Assuming all goes to plan and no one is really vengeful, you’ll only lose about half of your stuff. Now, you’re thinking… I miss my juicer or waffle maker (I hope that’s not true). To top it all off, you’ve also spent money you don’t have on lawyers, moving, shrinks, stiff drinks, smokes, etc. So the last thing you can afford to do is go out and buy furniture, appliances, towels, etc. to replace the ones you lost.

Enter the Divorce Shower! And wham, all of your friends and family help you get back on your feet, best of all, there’s usually cake at these thing 🙂

I think it’s a good plan, I’m going to contact Hallmark and see what we can do about this.

Who’s with me?

The old man

June 17, 2007

I was at Harvey’s today with Kate while we were eating, an old man (about 45 years my senior) sat at the table next to us. He had a a smile on his face that made you believe he was recalling a better time. He placed his tray down and with exact precision removed every item but his burger from the tray. Each item went was placed on the table with care and in such a way as to indicate that this man had done this many times before. He then very methodically unwrapped his burger and folded the wrapper in such a way as to create a mat (or cutting board) for his burger. Produced a knife wich looked like it could have been used as a bayonet in WWII and cut his burger in to four strips.

I couldn’t stop watching him, I think it was the expression on his face that drew me in. At first glance he looked happy as if he didn’t have a care in the world. But when looking more closely it seemed like he was quite sad as if the smile on his face was a result of a good memory or a better time in his life.

A great sadness descended on me at the time and for a split second I pictured myself in his shoes. I was all of a sudden acutely aware of how lonely I’ve been feeling these past few days. How tonight, I will once again be at home alone, only my thoughts and work to keep me company. I know it will get better, I’ve been through this before, but this time it’s different. I don’t hate her! I still love her!


February 11, 2007

I wrote this a while ago and then deleted the entry. Although it is a poor attempt at a Haiku, I  thought I’d put it back up. 

Talking is making me tired 
Silence defening
The wall unmoving